On Monday, February 25, 2019, New Voices for Reproductive Justice, a nationally recognized advocacy organization based in East Liberty, and The Pittsburgh Foundation launched the Social Justice Rapid Response Fund. Over the next nine months, the fund will award grants to organizations, collectives and individuals addressing social justice issues in marginalized communities across Allegheny County.

What We Fund

The grants will fund grassroots advocacy, mobilization, healing efforts and/or community education that address racial/ethnic, gender/gender identity or economic inequities. The grants must address critical, urgent social justice issue that arises in the community. This grant is not for seed money, established projects or long-term funding.

The Social Justice Rapid Response Fund might support such activities that specifically and tangibly addresses issues through direct actions, organizing trainings, trauma-informed healing spaces and issue-based education campaigns.

The Social Justice Rapid Response Fund will not award grants to organizations, collectives and individuals that do not support critical issues such as racial justice and gender equity.

How Much We Fund

The fund will award up to $100,000 through approximately 40 grants, each up to $2,500. Of this, $75,000 provided by The Pittsburgh Foundation will fund work led by and centering people of color most affected by social injustices and $25,000 provided by New Voices will more specifically fund activism and community organizing led by and centering Black women, femmes and girls and/or focused on reproductive justice.

Applicants who are 501c3 tax-exempt organizations or who have a fiscal sponsors can apply for the maximum grant amount of $2,500. Applicants without a fiscal sponsor can apply for a maximum amount of $1,000.

Reproductive Justice is the Human Right of us all to control our bodies, sexuality, gender, work, reproduction and the ability to form our families.

How Long Does It Take

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Within 14 days of the submission deadline, organizations, collectives and individuals will receive a funding decision and a payment, if approved. The absolute, final deadline to submit to the SJRRF is June 16th.

Once an application is reviewed and approved, organizations, collectives and individuals then will have 90 days to take action and impact communities as well as report back on what they accomplished.

Funding Criteria
– Must be located in Allegheny County
– Address social justice issues impacting residents of economically underserved neighborhoods in Allegheny County
– The work must be grassroots advocacy, mobilization, healing efforts and community education.  Email toni@newvoicespittsburgh.org with any questions regarding whether your project applies.
– The proposed work, events and activities must be completed within 90 days receiving funds

Priority will be given to the following proposals:
– Demonstrate leadership by people who have lived experience with the issues that they seek to address
– Address the disproportionate impact of social injustice on people of color 
– Work at the intersection of multiple identities/oppressions (i.e. race, gender, gender identity, income, age, sexual orientation, immigration status, etc.)

Applicant Criteria
– The organization, collective and individuals must be led by and center people of color
– The organization, collective and individuals must designate at least two (2) people as primary contacts for the duration of the grant, who will be responsible for completion of the work and use of funds in the timeframe indicated
– The work of the organization, collective and individuals must not advocate for discrimination against women, femmes and girls, LGBTQIA+ people, transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary folx, or discriminate based on age and immigration status and the proposal cannot work to undermine Reproductive Justice
– A 501c3 tax-exempt status or fiscal sponsor with a 501c3 tax-exempt status is not required; however, all grantees must perform in 501c3 work, organizing or activities.

– If you would like a paper application, please contact us at 412.363.4500 or toni@newvoicespittsburgh.org and we will mail it to you.
– If you would prefer to complete the “Tell Us More About Your Grant Request” in a 30-second video, you can upload it at the end of the application. All other sections must be completed.
– If you need any any assistance understanding the grant, please contact us 412.363.4500 or toni@newvoicespittsburgh.org.

Applicant Information

Point of Contact

Enter 10 digits, no hyphens or other digits
Enter 10 digits, no hyphens or other digits

Grant Information

Award for 501c3 and fiscally-sponsored projects will not exceed $2,500 and it will not exceed $1,000 for projects without a fiscal sponsor.
Please add 1-2 sentences to describe the proposed work.
Required for 501c3 tax-exempt organizations and fiscally-sponsored projects

Social Media (if applicable)


501c3 Tax-Exempt Letter (if applicable – required for 501c3 tax-exempt organizations and fiscally-sponsored projects)